Member Registration

All Forum 400 members have Annual Meeting registration built into their membership fee, as part of the new Forum 400 membership structure. Because it's included in your 2022 membership, you must renew your membership before you can register for the Annual Meeting.

How to Renew

  1. Click here to renew
  2. Follow the prompts to update your personal profile information
  3. Continue through the billing step and provide payment

Renew Today

Already Renewed? You Still Need to Register! 

Click the button below to register for the 2022 Annual Meeting. You will not need to submit a payment as your registration is included in your membership.

Please Note: Upon renewal it may take up to 48 hours for the database to approve your membership and allow you to register for the Annual Meeting. Please contact if you are seeing a longer wait period.



For questions or concerns about your event registration, please contact