The Super 401(k) : Tax Planning Utilizing Pension Aggregated Benefits via IRC 401(h) & Pre-Cola

Track: Breakout

Session Number: 131
Date: Mon, Jan 28th, 2019
Time: 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
Room: Texas Ballroom E


This session will focus on how to improve the relationship with your client and prospects, including a method for a simple way to increase life business and AUM. The objective is to help build a stable practice by improving the bottom line of high income earning clients who own businesses or share a key stake in a small organizations that have profit and cash flow to assist in tax favorable advantages through a Niche Pension Planning Design.

Session takeaways:
• Reduce your client’s tax liability
• Help your client save significantly more
• Increase your AUM
• Increase efficiency in the planning of your clients
• How to decrease spending, increase profits and increase tax deductions
• What is the use use of Super 401K and who it is for?
• How to reduce your clients tax liability through the use of IRC 401h, 199A and the Pension Act of 2006.

Session Type: Breakout Sessions

Target Market: Apply to all
Categories: Tax & Regulatory, Premium Finance
Session Type: Breakout Sessions

Target Market: Apply to all
Categories: Tax & Regulatory, Premium Finance


Speaker 1
Jonathan Barrera
WestPac Wealth Partners

Jonathan was born in Wisconsin where most of his family resides. He went to high school in Las Vegas so he understands at life isn’t always about the gamble but making strategic and informative decisions executes a healthy financial routine. After graduating from Durango High School Jonathan moved on to the United States Navy where he was a Jet Engine Mechanic for SH60-B Helicopters, which consist of Search and Rescue, Reconnaissance missions and Anti-Sub support to the Pacific Fleet. After serving 4 years serving Jonathan attended Pepperdine University where he studied Finance and History. Jonathan then continued his educational path and attended the University of San Diego where he obtained degrees in Accounting and Supply Chain Management in 2005. After graduation, Jonathan continued working in the Tax, Audit & Mergers Acquisitions Accounting for local firms in San Diego and in Las Vegas.

Jonathan started his journey specializing in financial education and financial wellness in 2011. Through his time in the financial sector Jonathan found his tax and accounting background laid a path to helping others understand tax strategies and financial strategies that assist his clients with maximizing their planning potential and keeping as much money as possible in their own pockets.

By teaming up with his client’s advisors including CPA, Attorney and other reliable resources Jonathan quarterbacks a plan of action to form a strong team relationship that enables diligence and making sure every client’s financial plan is as organized, synchronized and operate with persistent attainment. Jonathan specializes in working with Physicians, CPAs, Attorney’s and Executives of businesses. Jonathan primary focus is on tax efficiencies that enable one to strengthen their overall financial system in place helping clients stay organized, obtain a sense of Security and World Class Savers.

Since 2017, Jonathan is the exclusive Financial Wellness Advisor to the Los Angeles County Medical Association, which has over 1,500 physicians in the surrounding Los Angeles community of Medical Professionals.

At WestPac Wealth Partners we strive on organization, education and the ability to perform strategic financial strategies to those in need of a higher standard of planning. We strive to perform above and beyond industry standard for all of our clients.