Business Opportunities in an Unstable Market

Track: Industry Partners

Session Number: 160
Date: Sun, Jan 27th, 2019
Time: 2:30 PM - 2:50 PM
Room: Texas Ballroom BC


Business planning can uncover hurdles and pitfalls. Hear how early engagement allowed two cases to move from potentially derailment to getting back on track!

Session Type: Industry Partners

Target Market: Apply to all
Session Type: Industry Partners

Target Market: Apply to all


Speaker 1
Scott Conley

Scott Conley is a Regional Director in our Bethesda office. He is responsible for partnering with a select group of agents to direct sales ideas and facilitate their insurance cases. Prior to Crump, Scott worked as a VP of Underwriting for an insurance premium finance company facilitating premium finance loans. His insurance career began in 2002 when he joined his family’s property and casualty insurance business.
Speaker 2
Jon Whitacre

As Director of Advanced Sales for Crump Life Insurance Services, Jon Whitacre is responsible for supporting the advanced sales and marketing needs of Crump Potomac Affluent Markets. Jon’s primary areas of expertise are estate planning, corporate and partnership income taxation, and business succession planning. He is also experienced in executive compensation, qualified plans, and life insurance product design.

Jon is a summa cum laude graduate of the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, where he was a member of the Loyola Law Journal and earned a Certificate in Tax Law. He is admitted in Illinois and practiced at a prestigious Chicago law firm as a member of its Tax Planning practice group, specializing in corporate and partnership income tax issues. Jon is in his second tour with Crump, having spent seven years in the advanced markets and sales support areas before attending law school. He has also worked for a leading life insurance company in its 401(k) plan administration and actuarial departments.
Speaker 3
Daniel C. Danese, CFP(R), CLU(R), RICP
Legacy Solutions, Inc.

Speaker 4
Mike Owens, CLU, ChFC, RFC
Strategic Legacy Advisors Inc.

Special emphasis on wealth planning with income tax strategies.  I have about 80 charitable trusts and charitable estate plans in place. I really like the way income tax "drives the bus" for getting people to take action with a sense of urgency. I have worked the last few years to create a special collaborative network of attorneys, CPA's, bank executives, business broker, real estate brokers. risk management/p&c brokers, auctioneers and financial advisors that have their boots on the ground and are listening to the potential clients that have an unsual tax occurence that has come up in their life.  A good example is:  I was referred to a new possible client that is nearing retirement and will be receiving a 4 million dollar deferred compensation, but he has to take it in cash over 5 years at 800 per year.  This gentleman has been earning about 150k per year.  What do you do for him to mitigate all of that tax especially for someone that is not used to paying that much?  I can show you how to get that down to near zero and get it to where he can use that money in the future for supplementing retirement and pass ALL of it on to heirs!