How to Get Paid for Managing Life Insurance Policies like a Stock or a Bond

Track: NED Talks

Session Number: 186
Date: Tue, Jan 29th, 2019
Time: 8:50 AM - 9:15 AM
Room: Texas Ballroom BC


  • Most life insurance policy owners are sold on buying a policy, probably will not understand it 30 days later and only receive an annual premium notice that provides them with very little information as to how their policy is performing or any action they should be taking to insure coverage is in force at their life expectancy.
  • The perception in our industry is most life insurance advisors sell someone a policy and disappear until they want to sell that person something else. Sadly, in most cases perception is reality.
  • The lion’s share of an advisor’s compensation is typically not at risk since most of it is paid up front. This way of doing business is not a true advisor/client relationship, but merely a transaction.
  • The presentation will demonstrate the value of managing a life insurance policy like a stock or a bond and how to be compensated resulting in a true advisor/client relationship. Compensation will come in the following forms:
    • Fees
    • Referrals from clients
    • Third party professionals
  • Sell “Confidence for a Lifetime”, not insurance!
Session Type: NED Talk

Target Market: Apply to all
Categories: Practice Development
Session Type: NED Talk

Target Market: Apply to all
Categories: Practice Development


Speaker 1
Michael J. O'Donnel
Estate Partners, LLC

Mr. O’Donnel is President of Estate Partners, LLC located in Houston, Texas. Mr. O’Donnel began his career in 1986 as a co-founder of a life insurance and employee benefits brokerage operation. The original firm grew from three to 1600 employees in 68 cities, because of several strategic mergers and acquisitions. In June of 2011, Mr. O’Donnel negotiated a buyout of his niche specialty and formed a new firm, Estate Partners, LLC.
Estate Partners specializes in providing professional customized life insurance, estate/wealth transfer solutions and executive benefits for complex challenges inherent to successful individuals, families and businesses. Estate Partners also assists clients with Long Term Care, Annuities and focuses on guaranteed products. A large part of Mr. O’Donnel’s success over the past 30+ years is the fact that he works closely with client’s advisors in the design and implementation of the client’s plans. What differentiates Mr. O’Donnel from the competition is the fact that every client receives a detailed annual audit of their policy, along with any gifting instructions or any other action required by the client or trustees. All third party advisors involved receive the results of the audit.
Mr. O’Donnel is a nationally recognized leader and speaker in his industry. He is known for being able to communicate complex ideas in language clients can understand. He is a member of the Forum 400 and served on the Forum 400’s Board of Directors for seven (7) years, served as President in 2010 and Chairman of the Board in 2011.
Mr. O’Donnel is a leading producer in the life insurance industry and has been the #1 producer nationally for three carriers in the past 10 years. He received an award as 2009 Advisor of the Year from Lincoln Financial, which, Lincoln has awarded annually since 1910. He also served as President of the Premier Partner Advisory Council for Lincoln Financial. He is a recipient of the prestigious American Award, which recognizes both contributions and leadership in the industry and community.