Attendee Presentations

During Forum MAX, all attendees will be required to share a sales or marketing idea in the form of a 20 minute presentation — 15 minutes for presenting and 5 minutes for Q&A. Please send your completed presentation to your assigned group leader by Monday, July 20. 

The quality and thoughtfulness of your presentations are critically important — please focus on practical and transferable ideas. Please think through the idea you plan to present and email Amy Cheng, Education Manager, at if you have any questions.  

Zoom Tutorial

Monday, July 27, 12 p.m.-1 p.m. CDT

Before Forum MAX, Forum 400 is hosting a short tech-training webinar so you can best prepare to navigate Zoom during the virtual experience. During this webinar, you will: 

  • Get familiar with Zoom functions
  • Learn how to mute and unmute your device
  • Practice how to share your screen and camera
  • Practice how to navigate to Zoom breakout rooms

You will receive a calendar invite with the Zoom log in information after you register for Forum MAX. Please email Forum 400 Headquarters at if you did not receive the invite. 

Final PowerPoint Due

Please send your completed presentation to your assigned group leader by Monday, July 20. 

Group Leaders

Forum MAX attendees have been notified of their group leaders. Please email any questions to

Presentation Guidelines

In order to make this meeting as impactful as possible, we respectfully request that each member adhere to the following guidelines when creating their presentation. 

> Download the PowerPoint template

Recommended Presentation Content Ideas:

  • Sales strategies and ideas that you are currently using to generate business in the next 12–18 months — how you're using them and the results you’re seeing
  • Ideas that are easily transferable
  • Illustrate a unique perspective, nuance or twist
  • Different ways to illustrate, simplify or explain complex ideas to clients
  • If you share an idea, please be prepared to share the files and any spreadsheets used to illustrate them in your presentation.
  • Please only share sales ideas you have successfully closed.

For the purposes of the 2020 Forum MAX, we respectfully request that for this event you refrain from sharing the following:

  • How your practice operates
  • Your sales philosophy
  • Client retention and appreciation events
  • Sales ideas that require the purchase of software or proprietary materials/systems
  • Ideas that you have not used personally

Judging Criteria

When building your presentation, ensure you follow five criteria: 

  • Purpose: The idea may be from any part of the sales process; however, the idea is to ultimately lead to a life insurance sale.
  • Clarity: The idea is clear, as well as simple and easy to communicate by others.

  • Relevant: The idea is useful in today’s marketplace and helps sell more life insurance.

  • Hook:The idea causes the listener to want to learn more.

  • Call to Action: The idea includes some type of call to action and ease of next steps with implementations.


Please contact Amy Cheng, Education Manager, Forum 400, at if you have any questions.