About Forum 400

Limited to the top 400 life insurance professionals in the US, Forum 400 is the only industry organization focused exclusively on life insurance. 

Forum 400 is an exclusive community that brings together the highest-performing life insurance producers to openly share practical strategies and fresh ideas to positively impact client outcomes and remain at the top of the field.

The foundation of Forum 400 is built on the pillars of collaborative culture, exclusive community and practical solutions.


Exclusive Community

Our members are from every facet of the industry – independent agents, career agents, multi-line agents, those who are a member of a producer group and those who sell through BGAs.

In keeping with our longstanding member history of the best and most successful in the industry, membership is granted to those who qualify with a minimum of $500,000 in annual financial services revenues. However, through the Venture Candidate Program, young candidates who are on the rise can gain membership to Forum 400 by qualifying with a lower minimum.


Collaborative Culture

Our collaborative culture finds meeting in person valuable and essential to be able to openly share, create fresh ideas and meet other like-minded life insurance producers.

Annual Meeting

Our flagship event, the Forum 400 Annual Meeting is the premier source for open idea sharing and information on emerging trends and competitive intelligence. Network with the best and most successful life insurance professionals in the industry and come away with exciting, market-proven ideas to help you better serve your clients and significantly grow your life insurance revenue. The 2019 meeting featured over 27 hours of member-led presentations with over 40+ individual presenters across 11 key market segments.

Forum MAX

A mid-year connection point for our members, Forum MAX offers short presentations focused exclusively on client facing ideas that you can implement immediately. Hone your presentation skills as you interact with other successful professionals from across the country and depart with 15 or more new ideas and strategies that you can use to generate significant revenue.


Practical Solutions

Practical solutions are only practical if they’re at your fingertips. Online education and interactive webinars throughout the year keep you at the top of your game all year long.

Year-round Education

Monthly, live and interactive member-led webinars with industry professionals and subject-matter experts covering the latest tax changes, product news, industry hot topics, and best practices.

Content Archive

Member-only access to all past Annual Meeting session recordings and presentation materials along with all webinar recordings. No matter what case you are working on, there is likely a member presentation tailor made for your situation.


Where Forum 400 Fits In