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Un-Talks Session
How To Move To Variable Life in Your Practice

Facilitator: James Farmer, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Date: Wednesday, October 20

In our low interest rate environment Variable is becoming a whole new option to how we sell life insurance. If you continue to only offer life insurance the way you always have, you might find yourself noncompetitive, not to mention making less money. If you give a client a choice of variable versus other forms of life insurance, you will be surprised how often the clients choices variable. Variable life can be all about guarantees now, but is also very interesting with no guarantees. 

This Un-Talk format created an opportunity for members to share and learn from their peers about the impacts and benefits of moving to variable life in your practice. 

Un-Talks Session
“Dirty Words” No More: Why Life Insurance May Be Your Clients’ Best Option After D.C. Changes the Tax Rules Again

Facilitator: Michael Amoia, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC

Date: Wednesday, October 6

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. When clients are asked about life insurance, it is not uncommon to get a negative reaction. Ask the same clients if they are interested in transferring wealth free of income and estate taxes after the Democrats eliminate most of the current estate planning techniques and they become instantly excited to learn more. However, both situations surprisingly involve the same structure using life insurance – just said differently.

Life insurance is an extremely complex financial asset that has a number of unique tax benefits that may be one of the most powerful assets to hold after the proposed tax changes. The question is – how are you talking about it with your clients as they consider their taxes going up? This session addressed:

  • What to expect out of the current tax proposals from D.C. and how it will impact some of the more common wealth transfer planning techniques going forward
  • How the tax rules could impact life insurance structures and, if done properly, how they might be leveraged in a favorable way for clients
  • How to integrate life insurance into clients’ long-term planning even if wealth transfer tax rules keep changing
  • How to manage current policy designs and ownership, and the opportunities to build in additional coverage for those clients who need to create a more balanced estate plan 

Deep Dive Session
Spend An Hour With A Renowned Global Authority On Important Aspects Of Cross-Border Planning For American Producers

Speakers: Craig Hampton, Distinguished Professor of Law; John Wheeler, Jr, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CRPC, LUTCF, CLTC

Date: Tuesday, August 31

Principally serving as Academic Counsel on behalf of select financial services organizations, Professor Hampton is an international aficionado in substantive matters involving fiscal privacy, high-end collectibles, and sophisticated insurance structuring and analysis. An award-winning author and scholar, his written works include Survivorship Life Insurance, a best-selling book by the American Bar Association.

Scheduled to be the keynote speaker at last year’s Grant Taggart Symposium (can-celled because of the pandemic), Craig is also a passionate life insurance historian. With experience encompassing residents of over one hundred countries, Professor Hampton’s presentations are noted for their preciseness, practicality, timeliness, and ethical dimension. In this Forum 400 instructional webcast, a substantial variety of material will be covered including, but not limited to, the following:

  • A global perspective
  • The appeal of U.S.-sitused policies
  • The appeal of non-U.S.-sitused policies
  • Important United State and other definitional issues
  • United States inbound versus outbound transactions
  • Producer alert—community property concerns
  • Multiple-layer creditor protection
  • United States immigration status status implications
  • Overlooked opportunities by American producers
  • Popular international life insurance planning scenarios
  • Takaful
  • Underwriting parameters
  • Effect of the Biden Administration and other proposals

Industry Partner Session:
Post SECURE Act Strategies for the Broad and Affluent Markets

Speakers: Caroline Brooks; Kim Natovitz, CLU, CLTC 

Date: Tuesday, July 27

Hosted by: JohnHancock_rgb.jpg

The ideas presented in this session will resonate with your clients who:
  • Do not need their RMDs for retirement income
  • Want to build a legacy for family
  • Want to protect themselves from risks during the retirement distribution phase
  • Want to minimize income taxes

Industry Partner Session:
You Inherited an IRA...Now What?

Speakers: Joe Ross, ChFC, CLU, CRC; Cathy Neifeld, JD

Hosted by: AIG_core_r_rgb.png

Session Takeaways:

  • After taxes are paid on the Inherited IRA, beneficiaries will never pay tax on it again and any remainder will pass to their beneficiaries income-tax-free.
  • Understand how The SECURE Act has fueled this concept, the concerns the beneficiaries will have, the ease of implementation, and a comparison of results through a case study.
  • The ultimate result can be significantly more assets when compared to non-qualified portfolio investments when projecting with the same rate of return.

Industry Partner Session:
Estate Planning in a Time of Uncertainty

Speakers: Thomas F. Commito, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC, AEP (Distinguished), Lincoln Financial Group; Steve Burk, CLU, ChFC, CEBS, CFP, MSFS, MSM, Insurance Designers

Hosted by: LFG_color.jpg

Session Takeaways:

  • Discussed how to maximize your exemption now – it will only be lower, probably much lower.
  • Since you should use your exemption for other assets and we do not know what it will be, let’s fund life insurance with an IDIT trust and avoid all transfer taxes forever, and provide the financial security for your family!

Selling Small Business: Tax Strategies and More

Facilitators: Angela Kennedy Robinson, CRC; Jim Farmer, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Date: Wednesday, April 21

Business owners are expected to transfer $10 trillion of assets over the next two decades. For most of these 12 million business owners, this will be the first time they have ever transitioned a business…and it will be the last. Session discussion topics included:
  • How do you position yourself as the expert?
  • What issues do we need to be helping owners address?
  • How to lower taxes on both the sale and on their estate?

Industry Partner Session:
The Special Purpose Insurance LLC - What the Sophisticated Advisor Needs To Know

Speakers: Vince D'Addona, MSFS, CLU, ChFC, RICP, CExP, AEP (distinguished), Strategies for Wealth; Jim Magner, The Guardian Life Insurance Company 

Date: Wednesday, April 7

Hosted by Guardian_Logo_Primary_RGB_Navy-Text-72dpi.jpg

Session Takeaways

  1. Understand why/how a Special Purpose Insurance LLC is a superior buy-sell/asset protection structure
  2. Understand the tax traps when using a Special Purpose Insurance LLC
  3. Understand how/why Special Purpose Insurance LLCs are being used outside of the buy-sell space

Tax Increases Are Around the Corner  What Are Your Peers Talking About?

Discussion Facilitator: Michael Amoia, J.D., LL.M, CLU, ChFC, Crump Life Insurance Services

Date: Wednesday, March 24

Session discussion topics included:

  • If there are tax changes who will be impacted? When? How much? By what method (legislative, regulatory and/or enforcement)?
  • What are members talking about?
  • What do you need to know to talk to your clients?
  • What has been client feedback? 
  • Why is life insurance such a perfect item to discuss when there are concerns of tax increases? 
  • How can we move clients to do something before it is too late? 

What's Relevant NOW?

Speakers: Curtis V. Cloke, CLTC, LUTCF, RICP, Acuity Financial; Steve Parrish, JD, RICP, CLU, ChFC, AEP, The American College of Financial Services 

Date: Wednesday, March 3

Session Takeaways:

  1. End of Year Christmas Gift Section 7702
  2. RIP…Death of Secondary Guarantees?
  3. Best Use of Life Insurance for Asset Class

Building Your Business 10x

Speakers: Dean Harder, The OYRI Group; Norm Trainor, The Covenant Group; Dr. Keita Demming, The Covenant Group

Date: Wednesday, February 17

Session Takeaways:

  1. You will have an understanding of one of the most powerful keys to driving 10x business growth – 3RP/3PA
  2. You will feel excited to see how simple guidelines and principles take complex topics and simplify the topic without losing the complexity
  3. You will have an opportunity to join a Business Builder Playbook Cohort beginning in March 2021 


Insider Information About Long Term Care Insurance: What You Need to Know to Advise Your Clients

Speaker: Margie Barrie, Owner and Long Term Care Solutions Specialist, ACSIA Partners

Date: Wednesday, November 4

Session Takeaways:

  1. Differentiate between the two types of long term products – traditional and hybrid. Discussion will include the pros and cons of each and how to determine the best fit for a client.
  2. Develop strategies for generating additional revenue by learning about the profile of the long term care buyer and identifying key marketing strategies that will enhance selling opportunities. These include targeting business owners to provide this protection as an employee benefit, using executive carve-outs, repositioning qualified funds from a client’s IRA, 401K or 403B, using a 1035 exchange for a life insurance policy and funding the premium through a HSA.

How the Upcoming Election May Change the Tax Landscape and What It Means For Your High-Net-Worth Clients

Speaker: Michael Amoia, J.D., LL.M, CLU, ChFC

Date: Wednesday, October 7

Between the pandemic and the upcoming election, the news out of Washington, D.C. is coming fast and furious. But when it comes to serving your high-net-worth clients, what do you need to be paying attention to? It is important to factor temporary tax rules into long-range planning with clients, as the same action may have significantly different tax consequences depending on minor differences in timing. A change in administration could close these windows even sooner.

During this webinar, we go over the key provisions from these changes out of Washington, D.C. letting you know what opportunities to look for and explain how life insurance can play an important role in meeting your clients’ needs. Now is the time to work on planning for your high-net-worth clients.

Finding Dollars to Purchase Life Insurance in a Difficult Case: Generating Income Tax Deductions to Cash Flow a Large Life Insurance Acquisition

Speaker: Jon Forster, Partner, Baker & Hostetler LLP & John DeStefano

Date: Wednesday, September 30

Session takeaways:

1. Alternative to an E-CLAT holding life insurance

2. Opportunity for income tax deduction

3. Wealth replacement

How to Effectively Use Captive Insurance Companies in Your Practice

Speaker: Wes Sierk, President and Co-Founder, Risk Management Advisors, Inc.

Date: Wednesday, September 16

Session takeaways:

Secret #1: Helps You Save Your Clients Money On Insurance Premiums with a Captive Insurance Company

Secret #2: Makes It Easy to Understand the Ideal Clients This Works For

Secret #3: Gives You Specific Steps and Tools to Become Truly Elite In Your Client's Lives

Secret #4: Gets You More Disposable Income

Secret #5: Spotting Bad Captives and Bad Captive Managers...and much, MUCH More!

Succession Planning in the Real World is Hard

Speaker: Michael Amoia, J.D., LL.M, CLU, ChFC, SVP of Advanced Sales, Crump Life Insurance Sales

Date: Wednesday, September 2

Session takeaways:

  1. What are the emotional issues that must be address prior to even talking about the succession planning process.
  2. How to structure the planning so there is no loss in control.
  3. The best approach to insure this risk and how to structure the arrangement to provide maximum flexibility.

Navigating Today’s Biggest Opportunities, Major Market Shifts for Financial Firms Now and Dodging Big Threats

Speaker: Curtis Cloke, CEO and Founder, Thrive Income Distribution System LLC

Date: Wednesday, August 19

Session takeaways:
  • What you should know about the Secure Act
  • What are the opportunities
  • What are solutions 


Capitalizing on the Ripple Effect of COVID-19 Business Decisions on Executive Retirement Benefits

Speakers: Michael Fontanini, MT, CFP, CLU, Vice President, Advanced Sales and Design, Lion Street, Inc.; and Adam Sandahl, CLU, ChFC, REBC, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Business Solutions, Lion Street, Inc. 

Date: Tuesday, August 4

Session takeaways:

  • Understand basics of safe harbor, contribution and deferral testing applicable to 401(k) and profit sharing plans
  • Understand the basic workings of various non-qualified benefit programs and designs for select key employees and how they compare
  • Useful talking points and insights for discussions with clients and prospects to help address these issues and drive life insurance sales

Hot Topics: Going Beyond What the Carriers Are Telling You – What the Changing Life Insurance Landscape Really Means to Your Clients and Your Business

Speakers: Michael Amoia, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC; Curtis Cloke, CLTC, LUTCF, RICP; Michael Fontanini, MT, CFP, CLU; and Marc Schwartz, JD, CLU

Date: Wednesday, June 24

This is not just another webinar about the list of product changes after COVID-19 (even though there have been a lot). This virtual panel breaks down the key items impacting the products you sell and techniques you may consider. These individuals do not represent a carrier or one method.


Building Confidence in Times of Crisis With Lincoln Financial

Speaker: Danielle Pagan, Business Insurance Consultant; Jordan Walker, Business Insurance Manager; Matthew Fowler, Divisional Sales Manager, Lincoln Financial Group

Date: Wednesday, June 3

Session takeaways:

  • Evaluate key employee retention needs and select the best solutions.
  • Develop differentiated executive benefit solutions.
  • Recognize the common risks in plan administration and how to overcome them.

The Tax Management Journey

Speaker: Dave Alison, EVP and Founding Partner, Clarity 2 Prosperity

Date: Wednesday, May 20

Session takeaways:

  • Differentiate yourself from other advisors by simplifying powerful tax strategies to protect and grow your client's wealth.
  • Articulate the value of having a tax management process.
  • Define your value proposition with a simple one page diagram which can save your clients thousands.

The Planning Under the SECURE Act

NFP.pngSpeaker: Timothy C. McFarland, Vice President, Advanced Sales, NFP

Date: Wednesday, May 6

Session takeaways:

  • Describe the salient features of the SECURE Act and the opportunities they present for gift, estate, GST, retirement and charitable planning.
  • Recognize charitable opportunities with and without life insurance under the SECURE Act.
  • Recognize life insurance opportunities under the new Stretch Rules.

Hot Topics: Giving Financial Direction and Hope in Crisis

Speakers: Angela Kennedy Robinson, CRC; Mike Owens, CLU, ChFC, RFC; Curtis Cloke, CLTC, LUTCF, RICP; James Sweeney Farmer, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Date: Wednesday, April 22

Four Forum 400 members discuss strivers, game changers and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to sharing what members are doing now to take action, find powerful opportunities and give fresh hope in this new environment. 
Hot Topics Takeaways:
  • Creating new business opportunities despite disruptions and distractions of fear
  • Ideas for providing emotional confidence and direction for money decisions
  • Identifying COVID-19 exclusive tax rules to take advantage of now

Gifting in Uncertain Times

John Hancock.jpgSpeaker: Caroline McKay, JD, LLM, AVP and Counsel with the Advanced Markets Group, John Hancock Insurance

Date: Wednesday, April 8

With so much uncertainty in the world, clients who are able to leverage the largest gift/estate tax exemption in history may be more reluctant than ever to irrevocably give away their assets — even if they know it will benefit their estates/family in the long run. 

Session takeaways:

  • Understand the advantages of making gifts today given the current market environment.
  • Learn ways to create flexibility with irrevocable trusts to help alleviate client concerns using loans that leverage some of the lowest AFRs in history as an alternative.
  • Provide a “wait-and-see” strategy that gives clients the power to decide when and if to make a gift.

America is at a Tipping Point...Get Your Clients Off of the Titanic and Into the Lifeboats

Speaker: Rebecca Walser, JD, LLM, CFP, Tax Attorney and Wealth Maximization Advisor, Walser Wealth Management

Date: Wednesday, March 25

Taxes are the largest threat to wealth and financial stability over the next 20 years. Most clients have built some of their wealth in pre-tax accounts like a 401(k) or IRA, while for many Americans this is their only source of retirement income besides Social Security. As an advisor, you cannot afford to not prepare your clients for what is now upon us.

Session takeaways:
  • Navigate your clients and prospects through extreme market volatility, global pandemics and rising taxes.
  • Define where we are at in America in regard to the time frame of the market and taxes, and what is coming for both.
  • Differentiate between asset classes and the best asset classes for clients in order to have maximum tax control.
  • Recognize alternative strategies and how to leverage those strategies in order to help clients grow wealth uninterrupted by market crashes, taxes and even death. 

Non-Qualified Defined Benefit Plans – The Comeback Begins

Global-Atlantic.pngSpeaker: Dave Graham, MBA, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC, Vice President, Global Atlantic Financial Group

Date: Wednesday, March 11

This session looks at the history of NQDB plans - why they went from being widely used to almost out of existence. We explore changes in our industry that now have NQDB plans being implemented again, especially by companies with the greatest desire to attract and retain the best executives in their industry. Finally, we will walk through a case study that allows you to examine your client and prospect list and have you ready to introduce a new and exciting opportunity.

Session takeaways:
  • Understand why NQDB plans disappeared and analyze the potential return.
  • Recognize the opportunity and how to design the best fit.
  • Differentiate yourself in the nonqualified plan market with a benefit design that executives want but aren’t currently being offered.

Managing Mature Policies - Have You Considered All 6 Options?

Speaker: Larry Rybka, Chairman and CEO, Valmark Financial Group

Date: Wednesday, February 26

Can you imagine owning an asset for 2-3 decades and never managing it to keep it up to date or current? Sadly, this is what happens too often with life insurance, which can span across multiple decades. The only person tasked with monitoring a policy is often the policy owner who, most of the time, is completely unequipped to fill this role. During this session, you will hear from Larry J. Rybka, Chairman and CEO of Valmark Financial Group, who will discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist for mature life insurance policies. He will also discuss how the best insurance advisers are managing policies to deliver results to the policyholder that are "ten times better" (10X).

Session takeaways: 
  • Is your firm regularly looking at all 6 options that clients have with existing life policies that may not be working on an inforce illustration? This presentation will look at all 6 options for policies on an after-tax basis. Don’t waste the basis in low cash value/high basis life policies.
  • Learn how your firm can differentiate its services to clients by either building or outsourcing policy management, service, or annual reporting. This is also essential to any succession plan for a life practice.
  • Increase both client satisfaction and revenue by being able to help the client no matter which of the 6 options are in their best interests.

Technology & Life Insurance... Yes, It Works!

PennMutual_Logo Larger.jpgSpeaker: Jennifer Dorfmeister, Vice President, Independence Financial Network, Penn Mutual; Jessica Yeager, Director, Adviser & Client Services, Penn Mutual

Date: Wednesday, February 12

Learn how you can modernize and revolutionize the way life insurance is sold in your firm. You will see a demo of the first of its kind digital life insurance buying experience from Penn Mutual called ACE – Accelerated Client Experience. With ACE, NIGO is a thing of the past allowing you to process cases faster in less time. Cases can place in only a few days allowing you more time to see new clients!

Session takeaways: 
  • Modernize the way you sell
  • Process cases faster
  • See more clients 


Increase Deductions, Income and Healthcare Expense Coverage with 401(h), While Reducing Risk with Life Insurance

Speaker: Jonathan Barrera, WestPac Wealth Partners

Date: Wednesday, December 4

In this case study, you will learn how the Super 401k enables you to increase assets obtained through planning while increasing tax benefits to for your client.
Session takeaways: 
  • Understand how the plan works with clients
  • Understand how to increase AUM
  • Understand the long-term benefits for clients

The Power of First Impressions: Win More by Design

Speaker: Todd Fithian, The Legacy Companies, LLC

Date: Wednesday, November 13

First impressions are critical in sales, and most people don't understand that it takes 12 additional touches and interactions to change a flawed first impression. Relying on past performance and years of success is no longer enough. We've been taught all our lives that practice makes perfect, right? Wrong. Sorry to break the news, but this is a false statement. Perfect practice makes perfect. In this webinar, learn fresh new ways to practice perfectly and win more client engagements. 
Session takeaways: 
  • Amplify your client engagements and closing ratios
  • Differentiate yourself from anyone your prospect works with or has worked with
  • Get clients making bigger buying decisions, faster and with confidence

Learn an Easy-to-Implement Advice Delivery System That Creates Urgency, Avoids Client Procrastination and Differentiates Your Firm

Speaker: Chuck Hollander, CEO and Founder of Red Flag

Date: Wednesday, October 16

One thing is certain. No matter how well planned your business strategy may be, or how appealing your product portfolio may appear, it’s the effectiveness of your sales conversations that determines whether or not your firm meets its revenue forecasts. In today’s selling environment, increased competition, complexity and commoditization are having an unprecedented impact on your ability to gain the attention of and motivate today’s client to take action.
Session takeaways: 
  • Learn how to identify and position for the time in the sales cycle where the probability of a successful engagement is at its absolute highest
  • Understand how a single adjustment to your sales process can have a greater and more immediate impact on business growth than any other alternative activity
  • Learn an easy-to-implement advice delivery system that creates urgency, avoids client procrastination and differentiates your firm even while the competition is touting similar offerings

Understanding the Details of Developing Your Practice for Tomorrow

Speaker: Mark Hug

This webinar will add detail around developing your practice for tomorrow including easy implementable tips on greatly expanding your social media reach and how to turn this reach into viable sales, ways to increase your knowledge of a specific culture or group that you want to cultivate for business and how to use data analytics to increase your top line and bottom line.
Session takeaways: 
  • Usable techniques to enhance your social media presence
  • Cultivation techniques to transform social media into sales
  • Implementable actions to better understand specific cultures
  • Understanding simple data analytics tools to better your top and bottom line

Life Product Evolution/Revolution 2020

Speaker: Larry Rybka, JD, CFP

Date: Wednesday, September 25

What will the life products that are published are revised in 2020 look like? This session looks at the underlying pressure points that shape the products that will be put on the shelf for next year. Right now companies are refiling products based on several macro changes including GAAP reserve changes under 944 Guidelines for long dated guarantees, Principals Based Reserving. 2020 CSO, Best Interests regulation proposed changes to AG 49. Also, expect to see developments with fee-based products based on a new IRS PLR allowing fees on life products to be withdrawn tax free.
Session takeaways: 
  • Understand the why on changes coming to products to better explain them correctly to clients.
  • Look for opportunities to place products that will perform better long term before they are replaced.
  • Better understand what kind of products will be sustainable for companies and most likely to deliver on long term projections for clients?

End Prospecting Forever: A Step by Step Guide in the Art and Science of Marketing to CPAs and Tax Attorneys

Speaker: Robert Cohen, CLU, ChFC, QPA, AIF

Date: Wednesday, September 18

I hear agents grumble that the CPA or the attorney can be the deal killer. How many times have you heard a prospect say, “Your proposed plan sounds ‘doable,’ but I need to check with my CPA or attorney”?
Session takeaways: 
  • Developing an endless flow of high end prospects
  • Having potential high-end clients calling you for a meeting
  • Teaching the CPA or attorney to close the case for you

How to Help Save Your Client from an Unexpected Tax Burden - 1035’s and Mirrored Loans

Speaker: Cathy Neifeld, JD, Forum 400 President

Date: Wednesday, August 14

During a policy audit you see that loans have been taken from the policy to pay for the premiums and/or to fund cash withdrawals. Those loans, combined with higher mortality costs, and high loan interest charges have subjected the policy to a potential unintended lapse. This webinar will discuss how utilizing 1035 exchanges and mirrored loans can help you put your client in a better situation and reward you in the process.

Expanding What's Possible by Financing a LIRP

Speaker: Michael S. Seltzer, CLU, ChFC, Vérité Group, LLC

Date: Wednesday, July 17

Take a deep dive into the nuances of financing a LIRP during this webinar.
Session takeaways:
  • Learn how to expand the size of the case
  • Create higher income for both the client and the advisor
  • Further understand how to stress test this type of transaction

Driving Value After the Sale – Business Plan Administration With Lincoln LifeComp


Speaker: Jordan Walker, Manager, Business Insurance Solutions,

Lincoln Financial

Date: Wednesday, July 10

Session takeaways:
  • Overview of business life insurance planning
  • Deep dive on plan administration
  • Lincoln-specific resources in the business life insurance marketplace 

Split Dollar Is the Key to Unlocking Big Cases

Speaker: Jon Whitacre, J.D., CFP, CLU, ChFC, Director of Advance Sales, Crump Life Insurance Services


Date: Wednesday, June 12

Split dollar has been talked about and implemented for decades. However, recent changes in tax laws combined with falling interest rates make this tried-and-true strategy more popular than ever. Learn how other advisors are using split dollar to unlock big cases in the corporate, private, and not-for-profit areas.

Session takeaways: 
  • Spot split dollar opportunities with C corporation shareholders, high net worth individuals, and not-for-profit executives
  • A few simple concepts (rather than legal jargon) that will allow you to explain the power of these techniques to anyone
  • The support available to you to present, explain, and close your next big case

Advisor Succession Planning Panel - Part II

Panelists: Tony Ashton, CLU, RFC; John Gilliam, PhD, MBA, CFP, ChFC, CLU; Jim Kennedy, CRC, CMFC, LUTCF; Daniel Zeplain

Moderator: Anthony Bird

Date: Wednesday, May 8

Succession planning is downright difficult in our industry. You have spent a life building relationships with those you work with and a legacy of your name. It is not easy to turn this over to another generation or an outsider, but inevitably it must be done. How do you do it—logistically and emotionally? How do you make sure your promises are fulfilled? How do you avoid what you fear most? This open forum panel was set to address these questions and more.

Session takeaways: 
  • Find out what selling looks like from a buyer’s perspective
  • Learn how to do succession planning right when it comes to family
  • Hear a true story about a succession plan that didn’t happen

Growing Your Business Through the Underserved COLI Market

Speaker: Chuck Van Devander, Global Atlantic Financial Group

Global Atlantic RLR-Business Lines.jpg

Date: Wednesday, May 1

Learn how the COLI market has changed over the past decade and why that market is rapidly growing today. Small- and medium-sized business are learning about the benefits provided, and today’s products are a better fit for those businesses. However, very few advisors are taking the time to talk to them about the opportunity.

Session takeaways: 
  • COLI is an underserved and growing market
  • Smaller non-qualified plans (less than 20 lives) are the most common
  • The corporate tax rate changes have helped open new opportunities

It's One Year After Tax Reform, Now What? 3 1/2 Legacy Planning Ideas to Share with Your Clients

Speaker: Michael Amoia, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC, Crump Life Insurance Services

Date: Wednesday, April 17

The lifetime gift, estate and GST exemptions have more than doubled (until the end of 2025). So, what does this mean to you and your clients? And where does life insurance fit? This session will review the current rules, things to pay attention to between now and the end of 2025, planning ideas to present to your clients to maximize this short-term opportunity and how to position life insurance in the discussion of legacy planning. Many planning conversations are driven by the size of the client’s estate, so we’ll highlight ideas that may particularly resonate with different demographics. However, since “legacy planning” goes beyond just tax planning, many ideas will overlap and apply to a broad range of your clients.

Session takeaways: 
  • Understand how the increased exemption levels can provide clients the opportunity to build their legacy plans correctly and how missing this opportunity could devastate a family's wealth
  • Answer the question on why the Legacy Planning Process goes beyond the tax conversation and requires a lot more work for a family
  • Life insurance is the perfect asset in the planning process because it provides cash for the family without the conversion costs and risks of other assets

Family Matters: Strategies to Preserve the Legacy

PennMutual_Logo Larger.jpgSpeaker: Meg Muldoon, J.D., LL.M., AVP Advanced Markets, Penn Mutual

Date: Wednesday, April 10

Do your clients want to efficiently use their assets to benefit their children and future generations? This presentation will review several strategies, such as multigenerational legacy planning and split dollar arrangements, to help provide an enduring legacy for years to come.

Session takeaways:

  1. Learn how to design a plan to provide financial security across generations.
  2. Help clients preserve and control assets while providing a lasting legacy.
  3. Utilize permanent life insurance to positively impact multiple generations. 

Why, How, What of Succession Planning


Speakers: Tim McFarland, Partners Financial; Tim Young, WealthPoint; Michael Kenneth, WealthPoint

Date: Wednesday, March 6

This presentation will be a more expansive version of the one presented at the Forum 400 Annual Meeting. In this presentation, Tim and Michael will provide a detailed overview of why succession planning is important and the steps needed for business owners to successfully transfer or exit their business. In addition, they will illustrate WealthPoint’s proprietary financial modeling tool, which allows entrepreneurs to stress-test any decision they are faced with in their business and/or personal financial situation. A real-life case study will be presented and discussed.

Session takeaways:

  1. Improve customer outcomes using the "Know Your Story" process to help with complexity and manage uncertainty.
  2. Aligning multidisciplinary teams of advisors with collaboration.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Opportunities for Qualified Money: A Distribution Solution

Speaker: Mary Read, Pentegra Retirement Services

Date: Wednesday, February 20

Take back control of qualified money.In this webinar, Mary expanded on her 2019 Annual Meeting session by sharing how to reduce the taxes on clients' qualified accounts 25 percent or more, eliminate required minimum distributions, increase benefits and reduce risk on qualified money. 


Continue to Expand your Knowledge on ESOP’s and Learn How to Position the 3 Prudent Insurance Sales

Speaker: Rick A. Jaye, AIF®, CRC®, Senior Vice President, Business Transition Advisor
Date: Wednesday, October 10

This ESOP presentation will focus on the insurance sales opportunities. Rick will discuss the need for key man coverage and the multiple options to meet this obligation along with the repurchase liability. Next, he will discuss executive benefits and how these benefits keep and reward older key non-shareholder executives. Lastly, Rick will review how more sophisticated advisors look to combine these multiple needs into a single set of large permanent premium solutions.

The session will discuss:

  1. Funding key man coverage to protect against premature death of key employees
    - Senior secured note
    - Seller note
    - Warrants
  2. Establishing an executive benefits plan for older key employees
  3. Funding the repurchase liability

The Executive Bonus with Insured Guaranteed Returns (EBIGR)

Speakers: Robert Stuchiner, Synergy Life Brokerage, and Eamon Walsh, NFP Insurance Solutions 
Wednesday, September 26

One of the best sales ideas from Forum MAX 2018!

A new view on a tried and true. Eamon, Forum 400 Board of Directors, and Robert demonstrated how new products as well as traditional products can be viewed in a new way in conjunction with the executive bonus. Further, they discussed the simplicity and business attributes of the plan. And finally, they discussed how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impacts Executive Bonus vs Deferred Compensation arrangement. 

Listen to the recording to learn:

  • A new view on the executive bonus uniquely tied to life insurance products
  • How the Tax ACT affects executive bonus versus deferred compensation

Life Insurance and a "FAST" Solution to Legacy Planning 

Speaker: Marvin Blum, The Blum Firm, P.C.
Date: Wednesday, August 29

There’s a new type of trust dedicated to saving the family, and the most efficient way to fund it is with a new life insurance policy.

The Blum Firm is pioneering a trust called the FAST: Family Advancement Sustainability Trust. Families who succeed from generation to generation engage in certain best practices to prepare heirs for their inheritance. They conduct annual retreats and family education programs to train heirs on money management, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, family history, and preserving the family legacy and values. The problem is that often Generation 1 pays for these best practices and makes them happen, but after Generation 1 is gone, Generation 2 drops the ball and doesn’t want to pay for these activities or take the time to do them.

A FAST does two things: (1) it sets aside funds to pay for these best practices; and (2) it puts a leadership structure in place to make sure these activities happen, by assigning responsibility to trustees/committees and paying them. Generation 1 needs to be intentional about keeping the family strong. They can’t just rely on their hopes and dreams that the family will continue to do these best practices and stay connected. Statistics show that without these activities, only 10% of families remain united and financially successful past the second generation.

There are various ways to fund a FAST. The least disruptive to the estate plan is to use a new life insurance policy dedicated for this purpose. The FAST is the owner-beneficiary of the new policy. When a client creates a FAST, the existing estate plan remains unchanged. The FAST is simply bolted on top and the current estate plan does not have to be revised.

Family Business Transfers: Determining Fairness When Allocating Ownership Among Children 

Speaker: John Brown, BEI
Date: Wednesday, July 18

Allocating ownership “fairly” among business active and non-active children is often challenging and an exercise in futility. BEI Founder, John Brown, will discuss designs that base ownership transfers on objective factors as well as an overall planning process useful in family business transfers.

Learn the In’s and Out’s of ESOP’s. Doing Well by Doing Good. ESOP's: the Gift That Keeps on Giving. 

Speaker: Rick A. Jaye, AIF®, CRC®, Senior Vice President, Business Transition Advisor
Date: Wednesday, June 20

Benefits over other exit strategies:

- Unique Tax Benefits only available to ESOP’s
- Why Congress on both sides like them
- What is means to the service providers, employees and communities
- How to briefly discuss then and why every advisor should begin to address this strategy to their business clients

Making Sense of the IUL Madness

Speaker: Bobby Samuelson, Executive Editor, The Life Product Review
Date: Wednesday, May 23

Following up on Bobby’s main platform session at the Forum 400 2018 Annual Meeting, he broke down recent developments in the Indexed UL market, particularly the implications of new product offerings from Pacific Life and Allianz, the outlook for further changes to caps and how different interpretations of AG49 are leading to very different illustrated performance. 

Marketing Opportunities under the Tax Act

Speaker: Marvin Blum, The Blum Firm, P.C.
Date: Wednesday, May 9

After learning what is included in the final Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it's time to take action. As life insurance advisors, what do you do about it? From a marketing standpoint, how do you use the tax changes to your advantage?

In this program, Blum discussed planning opportunities for income tax savings under the Tax Act that can be used as the impetus to get you in front of your client. Many provisions in the Tax Act are scheduled to sunset in 8 years, so this is a “use it or lose it” situation.

Beyond Buy-Sell Agreements: Exit Planning Concepts to Uncover Additional Opportunities in Business Succession Plans

Speaker: John Brown, Business Enterprise Institute, Inc. 
Date: Wednesday, April 4

In this business succession planning webinar, John Brown took his recent Forum 400 Annual Meeting presentation about exit planning concepts to the next level.

Typical business succession planning consists of little more than creating fully-funded buy-sell agreements. Too often, these agreements are, at best, only partial solutions to the issues created when one co-owner dies. Preserving a business after the death of a co-owner and providing financial security to the decedent’s family are additional--and lucrative--planning opportunities for life insurance professionals.

John also shared life-insurance-funded business continuity designs and solutions for sole owners—a group that comprises almost half of all business owners. Understanding these designs is critically important since: 1) few sole owners have engaged in any business succession planning and 2) their advisors have not offered any recommendations on how to preserve or transfer their companies in the event of their premature deaths.