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Capitalizing on the Ripple Effect of COVID-19 Business Decisions on Executive Retirement Benefits

Speaker: Michael Fontanini, MT, CFP, CLU, Vice President, Advanced Sales and Design, Lion Street, Inc.; and Adam Sandahl, CLU, ChFC, REBC, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Business Solutions, Lion Street, Inc. 

Date: Tuesday, August 4

Time: 2 p.m.-3 p.m. CDT

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As COVID-19 continues to affect economic activity across the county, more and more businesses may find that they cannot afford to make safe harbor contributions to 401(k) or profit sharing plans, and/or rank and file employees may be voluntarily or involuntarily forced to cease elective deferrals as a result of budgetary constraints or being furloughed. The result could be that retirement plans may fail the various compliance tests, causing force-out distributions to the highly compensated key executives or limitations on how much these key employees can contribute. This webinar will discuss these possible issues and address a number of non-qualified executive benefit programs and plan designs that can be considered to help compensate for these potential adverse effects on key employee participation in defined contribution plans. Valuable information will be shared to help you in discussions with your business owner clients and prospects today about these potential problems and solutions to ensure they continue to reward and retain their top talent through and after this difficult time.

Session Takeaways:
1. Understand basics of safe harbor, contribution and deferral testing applicable to 401(k) and profit sharing plans
2. Understand the basic workings of various non-qualified benefit programs and designs for select key employees and how they compare
3. Useful talking points and insights for discussions with clients and prospects to help address these issues and drive life insurance sales 

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Opportunities with the 2019 Secure Act for Life Insurance Solutions

Speaker: Curtis Cloke, CEO and Founder, Thrive Income Distribution Sytem LLC

Date: Wednesday, August 19

Time: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. CST

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The loss of stretch IRAs creates new opportunities.

Session Takeaways:
1. What you should know about the Secure Act
2. What are the opportunities
3. What are solutions 

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Succession Planning in the Real World is Hard

Speaker: Michael Amoia, SVP of Advanced Sales, Crump Life Insurance Sales

Date: Wednesday, September 2

Time: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. CST

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There are a number of presentations on why clients should does succession planning and, in a perfect world, how they should do such planning.  In reality, clients don’t like change.  In addition, they just want to run their business – not do the planning.  Lastly, there are so many emotional issues that it is easier to ignore the problem than deal with it.  This session will review these issue, where the opportunities may be to easy a client into the planning process without giving up control and how life insurance can be a critical part of the process for successors.

Session Takeaways:
1. What are the emotional issues that must be addressed prior to even talking about the succession planning process
2. How to structure the planning so there is no loss in control
3. The best approach to insure this risk and how to structure the arrangement to provide maximum flexibility. 

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How to Effectively Use Captive Insurance Companies in Your Practice

Speaker: Wes Sierk, President and Co-Founder, Risk Management Advisors, Inc.

Date: Wednesday, September 16

Time: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. CST

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At this Forum 400 members-only webinar you'll be able to bring a world class solution to your clients. You’ll understand captive insurance, understand how to integrate in your business, and even increase your annual income! Heck, you’ll probably even spot problem areas for clients that already have a captive insurance company! In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this session:

Secret #1: Helps You Save Your Clients Money On Insurance Premiums with a Captive Insurance Company

Secret #2: Makes It Easy to Understand the Ideal Clients This Works For

Secret #3: Gives You Specific Steps and Tools to Become Truly Elite In Your Client's Lives

Secret #4: Gets You More Disposable Income

Secret #5: Spotting Bad Captives and Bad Captive Managers... ... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this webinar where you’ll learn to make money with captives- no matter WHAT you sell or WHO you sell it to.

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Finding Dollars to Purchase Life Insurance in a Difficult Case: Generating Income Tax Deductions to Cash Flow a Large Life Insurance Acquisition

Speaker: Jon Forster, Partner, Baker & Hostetler LLP

Date: Wednesday, September 30

Time: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. CST

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This webinar presents a case study of a sophisticated estate planning technique that separately utilizes both an “enhanced” charitable lead annuity trust (“E-CLAT”) and an irrevocable life insurance trust (“ILIT”) to achieve an income tax deduction while also replacing wealth with life insurance without implicating Section 170(f) of the Internal Revenue Code. We will cover the ideal client profile for these potential strategies, the structure and approach, and the potential benefits.

1. Alternative to an E-CLAT holding life insurance.

2. Opportunity for income tax deduction.

3. Wealth replacement. 

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Executive Multi-Life and Disability Strategies to Diversity Your Insurance Practice

Speaker: Dana Mikstay, Executive Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

Date: Wednesday, October 7

Time: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. CST

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This presentation will cover life and disability products that are offered to multiple executives/partners/owners/principals of firms as a personally owned executive benefit plan and/or key person/corporate owned coverage. This is done on a guaranteed issue – NO INSURANCE EXAM. It is a great way to diversify your life insurance practice. Presentation materials, carrier information and actual client case studies will be shared. And it’s a great way to create renewal revenue streams.

Session Takeaways

1. How to diversify your life insurance business

2. Carriers & presentation materials that make guaranteed issue- multi-life business easy to work in

3. Access to client information that will lead to additional business

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Insider Information About Long Term Care Insurance: What You Need to Know to Advise Your Clients

Speaker: Margie Barrie, Owner and Long Term Care Solutions Specialist, ACSIA Partners

Date: Wednesday, November 4

Time: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. CST

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Margie Barrie, the LTCI Insider columnist, will be providing you with a-behind-the-scenes update about the long term care industry. This presentation will focus on long term care from these perspectives: 1. Why long term care planning is important protection for your clients and how providing coverage will enhance your practice’s bottom line. 2. An industry update, including the shift in the care continuum, product development, underwriting and other changes. 

Session Takeaways

1. Differentiate between the two types of long term products – traditional and hybrid. Discussion will include the pros and cons of each and how to determine the best fit for a client.

2. Develop strategies for generating additional revenue by learning about the profile of the long term care buyer and identifying key marketing strategies that will enhance selling opportunities. These include targeting business owners to provide this protection as an employee benefit, using executive carve-outs, repositioning qualified funds from a client’s IRA, 401K or 403B, using a 1035 exchange for a life insurance policy and funding the premium through a HSA. 

Stay tuned for additional Hot Topics and Industry Partner webinars to be announced.